Overall Evaluation Of The Most Popular Types Of Curtains For Bedrooms

Today, curtains are widely used and chosen by many families for working as interior decoration and assuming for many purposes with different uses. The information below will give you a hint to choose what curtain best fits your bedroom.

Cloth Curtain

On the market, there are many materials such as cotton, brocade, velvet, linen, silk, but the most common is polyester material because it has more superior properties than traditional synthetic fibers.

It is non-hygroscopic, insulating, non-static, especially without stretching when washing.

Otherwise, the curtain occupies a lot more area than others so it is not a good choice if your bedroom has a small space.

Rainbow Blinds

It can be called a double layer roller blinds, this category is a unique innovation with unprecedented convenience of adjusting light by hand. More specifically than other types, there are two layers interwoven between a fabric layer and a transparent mesh to form a regular divided curtain.

The fabric is made of high-quality synthetic woven fabric with sun protection while the mesh is made of high-grade mesh with high elasticity and anti-fracture. The thickness of the mesh holes can prevent insects from penetrating through the mesh.

On the other side, this type of curtain can make you spend time opening and closing it. It is easier to get dusty than other types of blinds so I don’t recommend it if you have a big room.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds strongly impress buyers as they bring a luxurious and modern appearance, making the room more sophisticated. Thanks to the wood material, it has good sun protection and dirt resistance, as well as resistant to any kind of weather effects.

But in fact, moisture is the enemy of wood so unfavorable weather conditions can also reduce the durability of this type of curtains. Hence, you have to clean it almost every weekend or your curtain will be covered by wetness.

Combine Different Curtains

When paired together, both can provide flexible décor, ensuring the ability to block light and control privacy. If you want to have many curtain patterns in your home space, you should consider the curtain styling factor first.

The most common types of curtains used are roller blinds combining with cloth curtains. These blinds easily form a unified block. Roller blinds are close to nature while cloth blinds afford to luxury, mixing them together will bring a harmonious space.

Do not combine too many different types of curtains together as this may cause discomfort and might hurt the eyes to look at. You can be creative, but too much creativity can be a failure.

Combining Curtains With Other Items In Your Bedroom

Combine curtains with shared interior space (carpet, wallpaper, pillows…) is a fundamental core to have a nice room. For example, when choosing a curtain, you can not ignore the color factor of the blinds. The combination of the color of the curtains with the colors of household furniture in an appropriate way is essential.

Comparison In Ways To Clean Cloth Curtains

Wash the curtain in a washing machinefast and time-consumingIf the spin speed is too strong, it will deform your curtain.
Clean curtains with steamThere is no need to remove the curtain, struggling to bring out to the laundryHigh price 
Use a dry cleaning method
Ensuring cleaner than other methods.High expense 
Use a damp cloth
*shake off the dust on the curtain.  *not spread the dirty writing to other areas.It should only be applied to dark curtains, especially not with white curtains


Choosing the right curtains is always one of the top priorities for interior decoration. A beautiful curtain that combines perfectly with furniture can bring a whole new look to your bedroom. With these small pieces of information, I hope that now you are no longer in hesitance anymore.