How To Choose a Pillow for Cervical Spondylosis

How to choose a pillow  for cervical spondylosis

Pillow has a vital role in easing the symptoms of cervical spondylosis.It not only support in the treatment process but also prevent the degeneration of neck and back muscles. Choosing a pillow that too high or too soft or too firm can directly influence to your neck. To find more about how to choose a pillow for cervical spondylosis. Please spend your time following our article.

Pillow is one of the causes of cervical spondylosis

After a long tiring working day, lying on the smooth bed and pillow is many people’s wishes. However, the habit of using a pillow with unusual height and a too-soft mattress may cause neck pain and back pain. If lasting for a long time without corrected in time, this can be the main cause of cervical spondylosis.

Pillow’s function for people with cervical spondylosis

A right pillow has a significant impact on your neck when sleeping, which might facilitate your health condition.

  • Help to relieve your pain more quickly.
  • Fix your head and your neck in the right position.
  • Support in the treatment of cervical spondylosis.
  • Help go asleep more relaxed and more healthy in the next morning.
  • helps to push blood circulation.

The must-have features of pillow for people with cervical spondylosis

When shopping online, you can find many kinds of pillows for people with cervical spondylosis. Nevertheless, your choice must include these features: 

  • The filling of the pillow must be made from 100% of memory foam and has high elasticity. 
  • Pillow’s cover made from bamboo fiber, providing comfort for those who are living with cervical spondylosis. 
  • To increase the natural deodorizing ability, the pillow must have many vents on the surface.
  • The pillow has wavy-shaped in a framework to reduce neck pain when sleeping. 

Type of pillows for people with cervical spondylosis

Latex pillows

Latex pillow made from rubber with high elasticity and best suit the curve of your body. It is also resistant to mold or dust mites. Latex pillow supports your neck and head when sleeping very well.  

Latex pillow for cervical spondylosis

Infrared pillows

Infrared pillow made from safe synthetic rubber and plastic. It has many automatic massage beads inside. When lying on this pillow, all muscles will be stretching and you will feel more comfortable.

On the other hand, it helps to push blood circulation, reduces stress, and brings relaxation. It seems the perfect option for people with cervical spondylosis.

Infrared pillow for cervical spondylosis

Small notes:

  • Both pillows cannot completely cure your cervical spondylosis. You must use medicine and other treatments.
  • To buy the right pillow, please contact reputable companies. You can buy latex pillows from many domestic companies. For the infrared pillow, you should buy pillows made in Korea or Japan.  

The standard sleeping posture for people with cervical spondylosis

Sleep on your back

If you like to sleep on your back, you should look for a pillow of average thickness around 10 to 15 cm. It should be firm and thick to lift your neck up. It would be best if you put a pillow under your knees and your waist. An ideal posture is sleeping on your back and bents you knees slightly.

Sleep on your sides

This is considered as the best posture for people with cervical spondylosis. It’s better to put a pillow clamp in your legs and another one under your waist. The thicker and harder pillow is suitable for people who like to sleep on their sides to support their neck.

Sleep on your stomach

In this position, the earth’s gravitation will force your spine down toward the abdomen. It causes neck pain and uncomfortable sleep. It is difficult to change the  situation immediately, but you can try to sleep on the back or on your side before asleep. Another option is to put a pillow under your abdomen to prevent your back from bending too much. 

In conclusion

With all the information i have offered, I hope you can opt for a suitable pillow that can support and minimizes cervical spondylosis.I wish you all the best and have a good night with your pillow. 

Thank you very much for reading!

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